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Our commitment to the environment is an ethical priority that influences all aspects of our business. To aid in the preservation of the environment, Journey Freight International Inc. embraces green office practices encompassing e-Billing, recycling, energy efficient systems, equipment and electronic documentation systems to reduce paper consumption. We care about our carbon footprint and GHG emissions and therefore seek alliances with green trucking companies whenever possible. Continually reviewing our practices and those of our suppliers, we enforce strict adherent to current environmental regulations and promote the early adoption of future policies. With this forward-thinking approach, Journey Freight International Inc. assures its success safeguarding the environment.

Corporate social responsibility

Journey Freight International Inc. holds itself to the highest standard of social responsibility.
Our corporate Code of Conduct, promotes ethical and responsible behavior, while ensuring good governance. Journey Freight International Inc. creates a healthy, safe and positive work environment for all its employees.

As an extension of our internal culture, Journey Freight International Inc. has a history of community involvement. We actively promote volunteerism amongst our staff and organize fundraisers and collections for outreach programs, community and charitable organizations.
At Journey Freight International Inc., we consider this our duty as good corporate citizens, at home and abroad.