A hydrogen fuel cell semi truck
30 Mar: Hydrogen Trucks: Everything You Need to Know

Hydrogen Trucks: Everything You Need to Know We’re seeing a growing shift toward heavy-duty hydrogen trucks, and many big-named manufacturers are taking the leap. In fact, plenty of house-hold names in automotives are teaming up to…

Freight insurance
10 Jul: Top Tips to Find the Best Freight Insurance

Top Tips to Find the Best Freight Insurance Ensuring that you are covered in case of damage or loss is crucial when transporting your goods, but finding the right freight insurance policy can be a frustrating,…

freight train and truck as transportation concept
30 Jun: Why You Should Hire a Freight Broker

WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A FREIGHT BROKER  For most, shipping cargo can be an extremely complicated task, which is why many opt to partner with a freight broker. There are several perks for choosing this line…

Make a wish foundation recognition entête
27 Oct: Honorable mentions over the years

On behalf of West Island Mission, I would like to thank you for your recent contribution to our holiday Toy Giveaway and our 16th Annual Christmas Basket Distribution. At the toy event on Dec 7 th, the parents of 370 children were able to come out and choose toys for their children along with stocking stuffers/candy and knitted items.

Transport image
20 Mar: The Transport Of Tomorrow

Today’s logistics challenge is to provide fast and safe delivery and transportation. Amazon has set the bar high, and everyone is following in suit. Over the last twenty years, electronic chips and satellite tracking has fundamentally improved monitoring, and at this time, artificial intelligence offers the most robust security.

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20 Mar: Decarbonize The Transport Of Goods

Several environmentally conscious options are and will be available to the transport sector, which currently produces a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce emission, improving the energy consumption of vehicles and the exclusive use of green energy sources as well as enhancing the rail system are viable solutions.