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20 Mar: The Transport Of Tomorrow

Today’s logistics challenge is to provide fast and safe delivery and transportation. Amazon has set the bar high, and everyone is following in suit. Over the last twenty years, electronic chips and satellite tracking has fundamentally improved monitoring, and at this time, artificial intelligence offers the most robust security.

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20 Mar: Decarbonize The Transport Of Goods

Several environmentally conscious options are and will be available to the transport sector, which currently produces a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce emission, improving the energy consumption of vehicles and the exclusive use of green energy sources as well as enhancing the rail system are viable solutions.

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From HVAC to aeronautics, mining and construction, going above and beyond to align your specialized cargo seamlessly is what we do.


No more hassles and more time for expansion! Simplify your distribution with our team of experts and worldwide network!


In 2019, Journey Freight™ invested in a software system that is able to provide all the tools needed for the management of your transportation needs.

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Our primary focus at Journey Freight™ is to ensure that our customers can retrieve their shipment status information directly from our website, 24 hours a day.


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We offer a single point of contact for all of our Customers. A dedicated account manager who will respond to all your needs, from rate inquiries to the processing of all your shipments. Complimentary to this personalized service, we offer online options allowing you to follow your shipment as well as submit rate requests at your leisure.

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Journey Freight™ is striving to be a world leader in the transport industry. Whether be Truck, Inter-modal, Air or Sea. Journey Freight™ We will ship your world

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